Mark Morrell


There are very few books on intranet management so this book from Mark Morrell, courtesy of the Läs mer

Governance. It is a word that commands respect. Perhaps this is why so many in the world of corporate communication shy away from it.

A practical, systematic approach to intranet governance. Every intranet manager would find value in going through this with their team.

In this guest article, Mark Morrell explains how to get the best from your stakeholders and committee groups.

When I first got involved in 1996 with intranets people could only access them from their desktop PCs at their normal place of work.  The pages of content were hosted on a server probably in t

Last week the people of Scotland took part in an historic vote to decide on the level of democratic governance they felt best met their requirements.  Did they want to have a full devolved lev

The problem with many organisations is their diffi

I recently wrote about how you should manage your intranet.&nbs

Are you going to one of the best conferences in Sweden for 2014?  I’m talking about Intranatverk 2014 of course!

There are many ingredients that go into your recipe for how you can manage your intranet well.  Few organisations are excellent with how they manage their intranet.  Even fewer are prepar

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